76320 qrv: incln.dcln/BENCH


  • Durable Strength Weight Bench
  • Use Embroidery Logo on the Product to Create Distinguishing Characteristic


  • Heavy Duty Welded Tube with 76mm x 2.0mm
  • 6 Levels Incline for Backrest Position
  • 3 Levels Adjustment for Seat Position
  • 4 Levels Height Adjustment of Weight Crutches
  • 3 Levels Height Leg Station Adjustment for Different Workout Demands
  • 6 Roll Foam Grips with Weight Clip for Safety


Item No76320
Product Size172 L x 108.5 W x 138 H (cm)
Product Net Weight39 kg
40 FT360 Units
FOB PortNantong, China