76216 L7 Multi POWER RACK/CAGE


● The Power Cage Is Designed With A Large Walk In Space Providing Easy Side To Side Movement
● The Maximum Weight Capacity For The Upright Frame Is 360 kg
● The Power Cage Comes With Two Spotter Arms And Two Long Chrome Dual Mounted Safety Bars
● Each Pair Of Spotter Arms Can Handle A Weight Capacity Of 453 kg
● Each Pair Of Long Chrome Dual Mounted Safety Bars Can Handle A Weight Capacity Of 907 kg
● 19 Adjustable Height Levels For The Spotter Arms, And The Long Chrome Dual Mounted Safety Bars
● Spotter Arms And Safety Bars Are Compatible With 213 cm Olympic Bars (Olympic Bar And Weight Plates Not Included)
● Multi-Position Over Head Chin Up/Pull Up Grip Bars For Building Your Arm, Shoulder And Back Muscle Groups With Variety Of Exercises
● The Rear Stability Bar And Pull Up Grip Bar Of This Power Cage Is Suitable For Installing The Lat Pulldown / Low Row Cable Attachment (Not Included) That Allows You To Workouts Such As Lat Pulldowns, Tricep Pushdowns, Low
Rows, And Overhead Cable Curls
● The Power Cage Can Be Combined With Weight Bench (Not Included) & Barbell (Not Included) To Including The Big 6 Exercise In Your Routine Training With Extra Safety, Such As: Bench Press, Deadlift, Barbell Row, Barbell Squat, Shoulder Press And Etc


● 5 cm x 5 cm Square Tubular Steel Frame Construction
● 2 Rear Stability Bars


Item No76216
Product SizeL 128 x W 118.5 x H 212 (cm)
Product Net Weight55 kg
Weight Plate
20 FT295 Units
FOB PortKlang, Malaysia