● The Leverage Gym Have Much Safer Design Compare to Power Cage Exercise. The Position Setting Pin Was Also Design as Safety Pin Allowing You to Perform Bench Press, Deadlift and Barbell Squat w/o a Spotter.
● The Leverage Gym is The Most Functional One Station Home Gym Which Can Perform More Than 40 Exercise Such as Shrugs, Squats, Deadlifts, Biceps Curls, Lat Pulldowns, High/Low Pulley , Tricep Pushdowns, High/Low Rows, Cable Curls, Press / Squat Arm Trainings and etc with safety.
● The Leverage Gym Comes With A Lat Pulldown Bar, Ankle Strap, And Low Pull Handle For Performing Lat Pulldown And Low Row Exercises
● You Can Build Your Chest, Arms, Core, And Legs Muscles With Press / Squat Arm Station
● The Press / Squat Arm Station Comes With The Position Setting Pin (Arm Height Adjustment) And Arm Lock Pin. You Could Perform Single Arm Exercises by Removeing The Arm Lock Pin
● Easily Add The Desired Weight Plates To The Weight Posts On The Lat Pulldown / Low Pulley Or Press/Squat Arm Station, You Can Workout With Olympic Weight Plates(50mm)
● Max Weight Load: Press Arm 250kg, Cable Pull 200kg
● Attached Two Weight Horns Make Weight Plates Storage Easy
● The Adjustable Knee Lock-Down To Lock You In Place For Lat Pulldowns
● The Leverage Gym Can Be Used With The Weight Bench (Not Included) To Perform An Additional Exercises
● Foot Plates Ensure A Stable And Secure Workout Experience, Allowing You To Perform Seated Cable Rows


  • 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm Square Tubular Steel Frame Construction


Item No64002
Product SizeL 171 x W 135 x H 212 (cm)
Product Net Weight88 kg
Weight Plate
40 FT140 Units
FOB PortNantong, China