63140 LIFEGEAR G5 Home Gym


  • Home Gym System with 100LBS (45 kg) Weight Plates and Exercised Include Lat Pull-Front, Lat Pull-Rear, Straight Arm Pull Over, Upright Row, Shoulder Shrugs, Preacher Curl, Preacher Curl-Reverse Grip, Wrist Curl, Biceps Curl, Butterfly,Front Kick, Back Kick, Side Kick, Adductor Kick, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Triceps Pushdown, Triceps Pushdown-Reverse Grip, Bench Press, Low Pulley Row, Bent Over Row, Abdominal Crutch, Oblique Crutch, Overhead Triceps Extension, Mid Pulley Row, Crutches, and Knee Raise
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  • Multi Functional Design Provides Various Workouts and Different User’s Demands
  • The Home Gym System Allow to Start Your Weight Training At Any Fitness Level and Increase Weight Training at Any Fitness Level and Increase Weight for Each Exercise Individually as You Gain Strength
  • Heavy Duty Cable Bears Impact Occurs Form Intensive Workouts
  • 3-Level Adjustable Arm Pad for Different Workout Demands


  • Heavy Duty Welded Tube with 45mm x 45mm x 1.5mm and Cement Weight Plates with 100 LBS (45 kg)


Item No63140
Product Size122 L x 117 W x 215 H (cm)
Product Net Weight81 kg
Weight Plate100 LBS / @10 LBS x 10 pcs
20 FT195 Units (1 Unit / 3 Ctns)
FOB PortNantong, China